These projects are currently being developed and will be added to Galleries when both the photographs and the associated text are complete. As progress is made there will be an announcement in What’s New. Please send me any suggestions or comments and I’ll respond as I have time. Enjoy!

Gardens Gardens 

Actually this is an ongoing project that allows me to see some of the most beautiful and peaceful places anywhere. New photographs will be put into the Garden gallery as they become available. I hope you will use these images to gather ideas for your garden.

Hyde County Project Hyde County 

This is a long term documentary project about the wonderful past but the declining future of Hyde County. Hyde County has lost population for the last 15 years and is one of the poorest counties in the state. It relies on agribusiness and fishing. The hope is to focus on finding ways that may give the county a brighter tomorrow

Main Streets Streets Named Main 

My Streets Named Main series started in 1981 and represents my first attempt at building a portfolio, before I knew what one was. This is a never ending project that will go back in time as it goes forward, This image represents my early “professional” years.