Photography Services

The following basic services are provided at a rate of $100/hour plus expenses, with added charges for printing and creating CDs of the selected images. One hour of location photographing time usually means two hours of studio time sorting and editing.  Special editing and photo enhancing is provided at $75/hour.

Gardens – A complete catalog of your garden plants (flower, vegetable and/or herb) and structures are photographed once or on a year round schedule.  Plants can be photographed at their peak of flowering or during the gardens peak seasons or on a regular basis to show the constant changing of the beauty of your garden.

Flowers – To remember the beauty of your flowers after they finish blooming, photographs can be made at the peak of their beauty for wall display, in a scrapbook or on note cards.

Homes – Photographs of your home can be sent to distant friends, made to remember the before renovations or as a gift.  Inside photographs are valuable for inventory and insurance purposes as well as showing to distant relatives. The photographs can be modified to appear as paintings, abstracts, watercolors and many other variations to make intriguing views of your home.

Businesses – Views of your buildings, inside and out are valuable for marketing, inventory and insurance purposes.  Individual art or structural object photographs are inexpensive to produce and are invaluable in times of fires of other disasters.

Events (excluding weddings) – Indoor and outdoor events where you want to capture the event to show to those who couldn’t make it or simply for future viewing.

Location Portraits – Portraits can be made at any location you desire.  The location and the purpose of the Photographs and your specific desires and requirements are used to determine the particular images made.

Still Lifes – Photography can be made of any objects that need to be cataloged or inventoried.  Objects can photographed on location, in or out-doors, or at my studio if the item will fit into a three foot cube.