Two courses are available for small groups. Basic Digital Photography and Photoshop for Photographers both consist of seven three hour sessions.  The general syllabus for these courses is given below; however, both can be adapted to specific individual or group needs and time frames.  Depending on the participants’ stated preferences, the courses will be oriented toward specific areas of interest such as landscape, gardens, still life, portraits or street photography. Classes are limited to 6 persons, and one or more photography field trips will be taken. It is required that you know the basics of how to use your camera and a one hour session can be arranged for this purpose.

If you have any questions, please contact Richard at Usanis Photography.

Tuition $650 per person


Syllabus for Basic Digital Photography

Requirements: A digital camera, ability to print digital photographs, interest in making not taking photographs. Optional: a laptop with CS5 or Elements if you know it; ditto a Macbook

Week 1: The Vision – Learning to See

Week 2: The Tools: Digital Photography and Digital Camera functions

Week 3: Light: The basis for all photographs

Week 4: Composition: Putting the subject in place

Week 5: The Image: People, Action, Nature

Week 6: The Digital Darkroom

Week 7: Marketing of Photographs


Syllabus for Basic Photoshop for Photographers

Requirements: Digitized images, laptop, Photoshop (minimally Elements, CS5 preferred)

Week 1: Workspace & Workflow Foundations

Week 2: Bridge and Raw Conversions

Week 3: Basic Adjustments

Week 4: Advanced Adjustments – Tone, Color, Selections

Week 5: Masking & Layering

Week 6: Workflow Automation

Week 7: Output processing