When I left the corporate world in 2002, I decided to spend my time consulting in business development and business planning for small companies and my spare time learning more about my lifelong hobby of photography. It was not until 2007, however, that I had my first formal education in the field of photography. This seven week work-study program on the coast of Maine convinced me that I could be a professional photographer.

I was born in Hartford Connecticut and raised on farms in Rantoul, Illinois, Davie, Florida, but mostly in Westfield Connecticut. On our small farm in Westfield, we grew fruits and vegetables, silage and hay, raised rabbits, goats, pigs, many types of fowl, and those beautiful flowers that grow in cooler climates. When I grew older, I worked across the street in the dairy and delivered milk in surrounding towns. As time allowed, I worked on reforestation projects and forest thinning activities which eventually led to a Ph.D. in forest genetics at NCSU.

While living in Westfield, I was involved in scouting where we would go on camping and hiking trips not only in the surrounding area but at least once a year in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Early on during these trips, I realized I wanted a camera to record some of the activities. After I accumulated sufficient funds from my work at the dairy and on forest thinning operations, I purchased my first camera, a Ricoh rangefinder.

For many years, I only took pictures. I took pictures of scenes I wanted to remember but mostly of scenes and things I thought were beautiful and made me feel at peace. That is still why I photograph. It was during a month-long road trip to the Colorado Rockies that I realized I had more fun and got better photographs if I made them instead of just taking them.

Since my introduction to formal photography education in 2007, I’ve taken courses in street photography, close-up photography and making documentaries. These courses have broadened my photography vision but have not changed my focus; which is to capture the beauty in the world around us.