About Printing & Prints

Prints are only as good as the original photograph. The images you see on this website are only as good as the monitor on which you are viewing them and how well the monitor displays the color it is being given. Generally, a high-quality print will be clearer and show more detail than can be viewed on a standard monitor. The images on this site were made with several different cameras and at a range of resolutions; some images get “grainy” at larger print sizes and are only printed as special projects. I will advise you of any such situations when you request a quote.

All my prints are made using high quality archival inks and Epson printers. I print images smaller than 17 inches in the shortest dimension and oversee printing of larger prints, which I have made by a local printer.

Fine art prints are made from high-quality photographic images printed on one hundred percent cotton fiber paper. In order to produce prints with real color and fine detail I use matte type papers such as Hahnemuhle Photo Rag or Museum Etching. For particular needs, I will use luster type papers. Glossy papers are only used for 4×6 inch images.

Since both the inks and papers are high-quality archival products, the prints I produce can be expected to last, with proper care, over 200 years.

Some images are available only in limited editions and come with a written certification to that effect.  The maximum number in any edition is 15, with most editions being between 3 and 5.  For more information on editions or on use of the images for marketing or advertising contact Richard at Usanis Photography.