The writings referred to on this page result from thoughts provoked by what I see happening in the photographic world. As a relatively new professional photographer I have probably missed other statements on these subjects. However, since my background is in the sciences and technical world, the world of the arts, and particularly the fine arts, is a fertile ground for my thinking.

These writings have developed in me in the last couple of years; some during my stay in Maine, some here while mind meandering in my studio in Raleigh, some while on the elliptical cycle at the “Y”. I expect some of what I say in these essays will provoke disagreement among a lot of photographers. I can accept that. As noted I am new to the photography industry, which means I may lack understanding of some issues but at the same time my newness provides me a view of photography that is not inhibited by lots of old ideas and old technology. I hope you enjoy these even if you disagree with some of my thoughts. Although the writings may seem finished, they are works in progress and your comments would be appreciated.


Nature is perfect – by definition. So any imperfections seen by man are either caused by him or are a result of an errant definition of perfect. My goal is use photography to show natures at its best realizing that to show it as it exists in nature is impossible. Any attempt to improve upon […]

About Color Morphing

Color morphing is a process that changes the colors in a photograph using computer software. It is a multimedia production where the media are the camera, to produce the original photograph, and the computer, to, through the use of software, change the color of the pixels in the image. The end result is a digital […]